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Located in The Discovery District of Downtown Columbus at 300 E. Long Street

The Roosevelt Coffeehouse is in the business of great coffee and saving lives.
A place where you participate in social enterprise impact. This is your shop.


Weekdays  7AM-7PM
Weekends 8AM-7PM

Clean Water

Prevents water-borne diseases and provideslong term water stability through wells that are built and maintained by local organizations.

Fighting Hunger

With education and the proper investments, communities facing starvation can become fully self sustained, feeding themselves and their future generations.

Fighting Human Trafficking

The victims of Human Trafficking suffer unimaginable physical and mental abuse. There is hope that they can be rescued and restored, and we are invested in reversing this terrible trend.

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Our coffees follow one line, of which we are all a part.  That line goes from farmer to roaster to you.  We’ve all done our part.
Now it’s your turn.

“Our partners are much more than farmers, they are coffee production experts, constantly innovating practices in planting, harvesting and processing the best coffees around.” -Eric Hoest, head of Operations