The Justice

You are supporting more than a coffeehouse. You are supporting the efforts of those working to fight the local and global injustices of unclean water, hunger, and human trafficking. We partner with organizations that we KNOW are building wells and latrines, feeding people locally and internationally, and rescuing & restoring dignity to those who have been enslaved.

Good for Clean Water

Unsafe water and lack of sanitation kill 3.41 million people every year.

780 million people lack access to a safe water source. This kills 200 children every hour. Women in Africa and Asia walk an average distance of 3.7 miles to collect water. The water is usually unsafe. The task takes girls away from education. A clean water source in a community sends children back to school, improves health in the community and fosters economic development.

Blood:Water Mission

Blood:Water Mission is an equipping agency that partners with African grassroots organizations to address the HIV/AIDS and water crises. We do this by identifying Africa’s hidden heroes and coming alongside their vision for change. Through technical, financial and organizational support, we expand the reach and effectiveness of African civil society organizations and the communities they serve.


packH2O partners with organizations who have invested time on the ground in water scarce communities to ensure the water backpack is well received.  All over the world, packH2O supporters can be seen sporting the #HelpCarryHope tagline, hosting events, promoting awareness for the global water crisis and fundraising to send backpacks to communities who need them most.

Design Outreach

Design Outreach is a Christian humanitarian engineering nonprofit organization seeking to create life-sustaining solutions that alleviate global poverty.  Design Outreach focuses on innovative products that improve the lives of the poor and provide better health, education, and employment opportunities.

Good for Fighting Hunger

15 million children die of hunger each year. With someone dying every 3.6 seconds.

It is estimated that some 800 million people worldwide suffer from hunger and malnutrition leading to disease and death. That is 1 in 12 people worldwide including 160 million children under age 5. With education and the proper investments, communities facing starvation can become fully self sustained, feeding themselves and their future generations.

Food for the Hungry

Food for the Hungry was founded in 1971 by Dr. Larry Ward. Like many of us, he felt pain for the thousands of children dying each day from hunger. After praying, he held to the simple premise that “they die one at a time, and so we can help them one at a time.”

Faith Mission of Ohio

Faith Mission is a 24-hour emergency shelter, serving up to 199 men and 38 women at two locations. Faith Mission is the only organization in Franklin County able to serve three meals a day, every day of the year. Our mission is to continue to create a better world by serving people in need.

Good for Fighting Human Trafficking

With more slaves in the world today than any other time in history.

Something has to be done to fight against all veins of human trafficking. It is estimated that 27 million adults and 13 million children around the world are victims.

Human Trafficking is estimated to generate a profit of up to 31.6 billion dollars. Half of these profits are made in industrialized countries. Human Trafficking has been reported in all 50 US States, Washington DC, and most US territories. More than 30% of all trafficking cases in 2007-2008 involved children being sold into the sex industry. Unicef estimates that 300,000 children younger than 18 are currently trafficked to serve in armed conflicts worldwide.

The victims of Human Trafficking suffer physical and mental abuse on an unimaginable level. There is hope that they can be rescued and restored, and that slowly we can reverse this terrible trend.

She Has A Name Cleaning Services

She Has A Name Cleaning Services is an initiative powered by CleanTurn. As a social enterprise, we support anti-human tracking through collaboration, awareness and career readiness support. By declaring that every person has a name, dignity and a narrative, we recognize each of us are on a journey and we each have a story filled with hope.

International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission is in nearly 20 communities throughout the developing world. IJM protects the poor from violence by partnering with local authorities to Rescue Victims, Bring Criminals to Justice, Restore Survivors, and Strengthen Justice Systems.


Gracehaven was founded in 2008 to address the huge need for rehabilitation for victims of domestic minor sex trafficking or, as it is also known, commercial sexual exploitation of children. Our mission is to care for sexually exploited children by providing comprehensive client centered services.

The Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition (CORRC)

The Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition (CORRC) is the 21st of its kind to established in the United States under the guidance of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The mission of CORRC (core-see) is to provide a collaborative community response to human trafficking in central Ohio through education, services, advocacy, and prosecution. It has over 200 members, including the Columbus Police Department, Homeland Security, the FBI, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, the Salvation Army, Gracehaven, Freedom a la Cart, Traffick Free, the Franklin Co. Municipal Court CATCH Program, Columbus Public Health, Vineyard Community Church, Veritas Community Church, and many more.

Restore International

Our goal is simple: to fight injustice. Restore International seeks to find daring and audacious ways to combat human rights violations, including forced prostitution and slave labor. Instead of just talking about it, we want to be actively seeking ways to bring hope, justice, and restoration. Restore works in Uganda, Somalia and India, and is headquartered in San Diego, CA.

Exile International

Exile International has active programs led by local counselors in Uganda and DR Congo – providing regular trauma care to over 300 former child soldiers, young girls who have been raped, and war-affected children. Our mission is to restore former child soldiers and war-affected children to become leaders for peace through art therapy and rehabilitative care in Uganda and DR Congo.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Anti-Human Trafficking Program in Columbus provides comprehensive case management services to survivors of human trafficking. To date, it has served over 500 survivors and currently has over 130 survivors on its caseload. It also serves as coalition manager to the Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition, and provides administrative support for coalition activities.