When it comes to our financial giving, nothing demonstrates a strongerand more honestportrait of our social impact than the numbers. Through October this year, we’ve directly helped 11,000 individuals in some for with our partners by way of over 80,000 transactions in our shop. That means that for about every five customers that come through our door, one person’s life somewhere in the world is changed.

Take a breath here. What a difference the routine, everyday act of buying a cup of coffee can make! Our goal in 2019 is to double these our transactions through a second location. Think about this. We have almost donated $100,000 so far. With one more shop  in three more years that number could be $300,000!

So far this year, our donations have purchased provision for five babies in Somalian safe houses (Love Does), seven boat rentals used in human trafficking rescues in Ghana which has resulted in 32 rescued people (International Justice Mission), 1,035 meals for the homeless (Faith Mission of Ohio), 8,000 bars of soap with sex trafficking rescue info placed 8,000 hotel rooms (S.O.A.P.), college education sponsorship for two former enslaved adults (Love Does), human trafficking prevention training for 1,000 middle school girls (Gracehaven), and more.