One of the marks of growing up is wrangling with a tension—knowing more of who you are while recognizing that there are multiple versions of yourself. We’re endlessly being shaped by the people and things we interact with.

This fact comes with the recognition—and simple joy—that one encounter can change you. Renew you.

As Durga Chew-Bose writes in Too Much and Not the Mood: “It still comes as a shock to me how irreversible life is. How there’s no going back to whatever version of me existed before I saw that movie . . . that switch[ed] me on to new streaks of consciousness . . . . [B]efore I figured out there’s no one way to live.”

Maybe figuring out who you are is less the practice of narrowing in on your tastes, and more a constant state of expansion by allowing new experiences to wash over us, adding new layers.

This mode, finding your identity in individual experiences, paradoxically both places importance in discreet tastes while also freeing you to find wonder in each new experience. Identifying so intensely with one thing can create more space in you to find yourself in other things. What animates us is not only all we have to define ourselves, but also sometimes the easiest handle to understanding who we are.

This month, we rounded up three of our full time employees to answer some questions. Here are some things that animate them. You won’t want to miss these answers from Frank, Bethany, and Ethan!



Meet Frank. Frank’s worked at the Roosevelt from the beginning, helping to pioneer our coffee experience and leading barista training and education. Frank has a knack for maintaining an optimistic tilt in life. He enjoys long walks on the beach and spicy food.

What’s your favorite thing about working at the Roosevelt?

I love talking to people and fostering community. For most people, it’s often their first public interaction, and if I can start their day a little better, that’s powerful. The coffee is a HUGE plus!

Favorite Kenny story?

Once at the quirkiest German retail store/restaurant, we met a waitress that wanted a caramel macchiato. So we swung by a S***ucks and bought her one. I thought she may cry, her coworkers were laughing.

What initially drew you to the Roosevelt?

Honestly, I saw it on a coffee trail card well before the doors were open. I loved coffee already, but after hearing about what the Roosevelt would become, I knew I was in.

What’s your drink of choice?

I will start most days with some espresso. I try to have a different pour over every day when possible. This summer though, I have been jamming on that Black Medicine Lemonade.

Tell us who your favorite regular is!

How could I choose a favorite? When people come to the Roosevelt, it’s a chance to treat themselves. All the regulars are awesome and bring a unique interaction.  

Tell us about one experience at the Roosevelt that’s stayed with you.

It’s hard to hammer down one experience. I’ve grown a lot with the Roosevelt over the last couple years, and I intend to continue growing with the Roosevelt.

What’s one lesson you’ve learned in your time at the Roosevelt?

I’ve learned that most quiet people actually have a lot to say. And coffee works as an excellent lubricant to bring out someone’s loquacious side.

What’s one thing Roosevelt regulars should know about you?

They should know I want to know them. I’ll be your best friend and confidant for only 2 dollars at a time! They might not know, I met my wife from behind the counter.  

What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish at the Roosevelt?

I’d like to see Columbus get a little happier. I’m not saying anything bad about the city, but if the Roosevelt can bring up those who are suffering while interjecting positive vibrations, it can only have exponential impact on the city.

Tell us a weird habit you have.

I take cold showers. I don’t really enjoy steaming hot water.

If you could design a room at the shop, what would be the theme?

This is a fun question! I would design a fitness center. Being in good physical shape is the best possible preventative maintenance physically and mentally. Plus, maybe I’d get in there a little more often.

Can you describe your personality for us?

I’m pridefully rational most of the time. I tend to cut emotion out of my thinking much of the time. While I admittedly struggle to plan, I would advise being a planner to anyone. I tend to be very extroverted, preferring to keep my schedule full when possible. I just want my friends to be ready for an adventure when we hang out, ready to roll with the punches.  

What motivates you? What drives you every day?  

I want to improve on myself everyday. Waking up and trying to become a better man for my family keeps me driven.

Where do you want to be in 10 years?

I want to be making coffee for millions of people.

What’s one physical location you’d like to have a cup of coffee?

I would love to wake up in Fiji near a waterfall. I want it to be a cool and foggy morning that I can have coffee on the patio overlooking the beautiful scenery.


Meet Bethany!.Bess loves to bake, travel, and go to concerts. If you want to find the key to her heart, a good place to start might be cats! She also loves anything from the 90s and is passionate about music.

What’s your favorite thing about working at the Roosevelt?

The mission and the people. I love the people!

Drink of choice?

Layered ice cortado.

What’s your favorite movie?

That Thing You Do!

What’s something that if regulars knew about you, they’d understand who you are better?

I also bake and decorate cakes. And I’m slightly obsessed with Abe Lincoln.

Got any pet peeves?

People. Use your turn signals!

Name an album that you can listen to at any time, regardless of mood.

Parachutes by Coldplay.

What’s your dream?

To have a family of my own.

Favorite article of clothing?

I love a good hoodie. Hoodies all day!

If you could design a room at the Roosevelt, what would be the theme/what would be in it?

I would design a music room, with old vinyls and covers as wall art. Maybe with some big couches or lounge chairs.

What’s one thing that helps you unwind?

Listening to music while on a long drive.

Help us get a better feel for your personality.

I’m a feeler who relies on my instincts a lot. I love a plan! I’m learning to be more spontaneous, but I’m not going to lie, it stresses me out sometimes.



Meet Ethan, a 23 year-old born and raised in central Ohio. Ethan has worked at the Roosevelt since the beginning. He loves music and being a part of things that give people hope.

What initially drew you to the Roosevelt?

My dad’s vision for justice and wanting to share love with everyone.

What’s one piece of art you can revisit in any mood?

The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance.