You have made us what we are. Now is the time to expand. And Tuesday, October 10 and Wednesday, October 11 are the days to make it happen.

For 26 hours your tax deductible donations is increased on a pro rata basis. The Columbus Foundation, its family of donors, and corporate and community partners have provided a $1.3 Million+ Bonus Pool, encouraging everyone to support nonprofits they care about. This means every donation we receive is increased no matter what. You give and it gets added to. Every penny of this round of giving will be earmarked for us to expand to another location so we can save twice as many lives with coffee!

Here’s what to do: From 10AM, Tuesday, October 10 until NOON, Wednesday, October 11

  • Go HERE
  • Click the GIVE button
  • Every penny you give goes to Redeeming Injustice – The Roosevelt Coffeehouse
  • You have 26 hours to make the donation. It is like a telethon! 10AM, Tuesday, October 10 until NOON, Wednesday, October 11
  • Follow our Instagram Live that day to see all the energy going on!