There really are no words for how awesome you are. None. Your commitment to our cause to save lives by making you great coffee is working. Every check we send out we are mind blown by the generosity you are allowing us to create.

We hit our one year anniversary on April. Since then here is a list of what you did as part of this whole thing.

  • $2000 to Gracehaven’s home for children that have been sexually exploited
  • 669 Faith Mission Meals at $2.25
  • 9 Biosand Filters for African families at $85 Each
  • $900 toward urgent international medical care for an abused child
  • 12 mini greenhouses for needy families in Peru, $71 each
  • One Month’s expenses for Uganda Safe House for sexually exploited minors, $2575 total.
  • 4-Day WASH Training in Africa, $1000
  • $400 to support She Has a Name anti human trafficking organization
  • $466 to Exile International’s Esther Fund that sponsors unsponsored children
  • $500 toward the Kenya Pump we are building with Design Outreach
  • Eleven medical care packages for trafficking victims through. $52 each.
  • Six goats for six needy families.$87 each.
  • $450 for Art and Physical Therapy Supplies for Gracehaven house residents
  • 50 Water Backpacks for African families, $10 each
  • A month of groceries for Uganda Safe House, $550