Overview: a few late-year updatesand a call to donate

You may have heard rumblings that we’ve been up to big things. We’re here to say it’s true. From a second location to opening a roaster to launching a licensed Roosevelt coffee experience in a craft brewery; here are a few things you need to know about our year.

Underscoring the news is a plea to you. Supported by our new ventures into roasting and a second location, we’re poised to do more good, multiply our social change, and reach more happy customers. But we need your help to get there.

Please consider donating to our capital fundraising efforts to open our second locationand help us in our goal to double our impact. Read more below about why your donation means more to us now than ever. And please donate at the link below!

Donate to Impact!

The easiest way in the world to support us is by way of your Kroger shopping. Choose our non-profit name, Redeeming Injustice, and Kroger donates a portion of your shopping quarterly to us. If we had a 1,000 families doing that we would be quickly driving more impact. 

Thank you for stepping with us into this impossible dream. We are people changed by your generosity. Now we set our sights to change even more lives than we thought possible when we opened in 2015.