Something new: We’re a validated social enterprise

It can be hard to trust that a social enterprise business is creating impact the way you think it is. But SocialVentures and Better Business Bureau is helping to change that. Their new pilot program measures social enterprises’ efforts against what they claim they’re doing and we’re playing a small part.

The Roosevelt was chosen as one of 13 social enterprises for the pilot program, which creates a set of metrics to review, validate, and communicate the social impact created by social enterprises in Columbus.

We’re happy to announce we’ve completed the process and were approved as a validated social enterprise. When you see the official validation seal, we hope it leads to increased transparency around our results and more open conversations about the difference we’re making.

“Authenticity is so important to us,” Roosevelt founder Kenny Sipes told SocialVentures. “We know from our end that we are accomplishing what we set out to do but to have that work validated by an independent third party goes a long way to completely convey our vision to the public and our customer base.”

SocialVentures plans to publicly launch the service to social enterprises in late 2019.

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